Bauhaus 100 –
Classic Art from the last century for today

Together with many partners throughout the world, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus with a Carl Jakob Jucker collection as a special tribute to this neglected Bauhaus designer, who was one of the first to design the famous Bauhaus table lamp in 1923. In Germany, these design objects are produced by the company Tecnolumen under the name "WG24" (Wagenfeld).

Italy, on the other hand, is oriented to the Swiss protagonist, inventor and author Carl Jakob Jucker. Debates about authorship and rights of use lasted for a perceived eternity, because conclusive documents could not be presented by both sides. The authorship of Carl Jakob Jucker can not be denied. A fact for science and research. For this reason, the Bauhaus lamp is assigned as a collective design Jucker and Wagenfeld.

Bauhaus-Shop Italy belongs to the group Contract & More, which produces the licensed Carl Jacob Jucker lamp collection since 1980.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary and as an explicit homage to the Swiss Bauhaus designer, Bauhaus-Shop Italy announces selected special editions of the legendary Carl Jakob Jucker collection.

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